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October 01, 1987

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Diary Entry - 10/01/1987

Thursday, October 1, 1987

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This was a day that shouldn’t happen. Got an early phone call that the swearing in ceremony for Judge Sessions as F.B.I. Director was off. He’s in hospital with a bleeding ulcer.

Then staff meeting—a lot of talk about Bork & my talking to some Sen’s. It seems Specter has announced he’s against Bork—things look bad. Then Howard said Jim Miller had gone to the hill to propose some tax increase we might go for. Howard had him in & told him from now on Jim Baker would deal with Congress on budget affairs. A U.S. District Court upheld my proposal for drug testing employees.

N.S.C.—Soviets tested a new monster missile near Hawaii & are said to have another which they’ll shoot right over the islands. This is unprecedented & we’ve told them no.

Now some controversy with defense—they want to send the Battleship New Jersey into the P. Gulf. We’re a little concerned about that.

Sen. Warner is suggesting a change in the War Powers Act. Cong. would have to vote to disapprove our action & I of course would have a veto.

Howard B. brought Ed Meese in while I was having lunch. More troubles on Bork. They had been up on the Hill button holing Sen’s. without much success.

After lunch I met with & took pictures with about 60 people who make up the Legal Task Force we had working on our papers in the Iran-Contra hearings—14,000 documents, 250,000 pages.

Personnelle time with Bob Tuttle then Cap W. to tell me he was going to resign as Sec. of Defense—his problem is his wifes bad health. I cant argue about that.

Then some photos with departing staff. Then a meeting with about 20 or 30 big business CEO’s who are helping us on the Bork matter. I gave them a pep talk & they left for the hill.

Then I met with Sen. Heflin. He’s undecided & will study the hearing transcript over the weekend.

Then it was Admin. time and almost a dozen groups & individuals for photos. I then left for the hospital to see Judge Sessions. On the way I took Q’s from the press—all on Bork. I got in some good licks. Then after a visit with Sessions his wife & daughter (he’ll be out of the Hospital Sat.) it was home & Nancy.