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Registration for the 2021 program will open in February 2021. To be notified when the application is open, complete the form below.


SLP Alumni, if you’ve completed your Leadership Action Plan, we’d love to hear about it. Send us a note at we can send you your certificate of completion.

Program Highlights

Cultivate leadership skills

Participate in student driven activities geared towards helping you become the leader your community needs. Gain the skills needed to manage a project and set achievable goals.

Alumni from this program have gone on to:

  • Create an anti-bullying club which has received local news media and grown into a larger campaign at other middle and high schools in the area
  • Earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in college scholarships

Create connections

Get to know students from across the country. Learn and grow together as you forge friendships and become part of the ReaganEDU network.

Students a part of the ReaganEDU network have:

  • Raised over $3,800 for communities in Kenya
  • Been accepted to prestigious universities such as UCLA, USC, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Northwestern University, and University of Pennsylvania

Take advantage of mentoring opportunities

Work closely with top university students from across the nation, our team of educators, and leaders from the community. Collaborate and create a network of support to help you succeed as a leader.

"The best thing of the program is the way we can form meaningful connections with our peers and mentors without any judgment as we learn and grow in to better leaders."  Erin Overton, SLP 2019

"During this week, the continuous support and knowledge of the staff helped me grow as an individual. They helped fuel my passion for my Leadership Action Plan and instilled the confidence needed to complete it. Thank you all, you are great!"  Sartaj Bal, SLP 2018


Develop a Leadership Action Plan

Learn what it takes to create a service action project that you can implement in your community. Work to address an issue and leave a lasting positive impact for others around you.

Alumni from this program have:

  • Received a grant for $1,000 to start a STEM program for girls
  • Organized showers for the homeless community
  • Raised over $1,000 for Girl Up, a United Nations organization that empowers women around the world


The Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program is committed to providing equitable and accessible educational programming by setting aside a limited number of scholarships. Upon registering, a link will be provided for the scholarship application.

For more information, access our Frequently Asked Questions Page