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December 17, 1987

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Diary Entry - 12/17/1987

Thursday, December 17, 1987

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Howard had quite an agenda for the opening meeting. First A. B. Culvahouse with all the legalitys about Mike Deaver situation. For example he has 30 days to file an appeal & we should not make any contact at this time. There is still a case in court challenging the constitutionality of the independent counsel. Another subject we’re not out of the woods on the Continuing Resolution or the Reconciliation Bill. The Housing bill blew up in the House of Reps. who refused to go along with the sensible Senate version I had approved.

N.S.C.—Colin gave his time over to George S. who is back from Europe. His report was very upbeat. Our allies are all gung ho for what we’ve done. N.A.T.O. is proud of what together with them we’ve done. They feel our alliance is in this together.

Colin brought news of Korean election—Rho (our choice) won but the losers may make trouble.

With all the Soviets talk about leaving Afghanistan—they are planning a major road construction program there.

At 11:30 I went over to Anne Higgens shop in E.O.B.—where all my mail is handled—much of it by volunteers. They have handled 40,000,000 letters in these 7 yrs. They were having a Xmas party. I shook 150 hands. Then back to the office for lunch.

At 1:30 the swearing in of Ann McLaughlin as Sec. of Labor—only 2nd woman to ever hold the job—1st was Ma Perkins during F.D.R.s term. Then at 1:45 Bob Dole came by. After a short talk went into the press room. I made a statement on I.N.F. treaty—then he announced his support for the treaty. I left & he stayed & took Q’s.

A group photo in Oval O. with Operations Staff.

Then Bob Tuttle with a list of new appointees to approve.

And finally—Admin. time.—George Allen & family, Alan Woods our new A.I.D. director. A photo with new officers of Future Farmers of America—a wonderful group of young people.

Then an interesting event—I presented an international award—The Maritime History Award to the U.S.S. Constitution—Old Ironsides now 190 yrs. old & still in service. Then a few departures including a mil. Aide who is going to take a command in Germany.

Upstairs & another 500 handshakes to go—2nd press party.

Well the hand shakes are over at 9:10 P.M. & the photographers shot 657 films—but then sometimes they shot more than one picture of the same person. Home to bed.