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October 14, 1988

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Diary Entry - 10/14/1988

Friday, October 14, 1988

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Proposal for Nancy to address the U.N. Gen. Assembly Oct. 25 on subject of drugs.

Then talk of doing a retirement event (me) for Jack Kemp. Some progress is being made on drug bill in the Sen. A statement approved by me about aid to Contras if Sandinistas attack. A Prof. (History) has refuted Sen. Bentsens claim to have been a close friend of J.F.K.

N.S.C.—Report that our soldiers in Korea fired on a N.K. soldier who was seen in the demilitarized zone. He was seen to fall down but nothing further is known.

Pakistan about to realize & report their version of plane crash that killed Pres. Zia. We have no more information than that.

Our negotiations regarding war in Angola have come down to, how long Cuba can take to remove their troops. Angola govt. is holding out for 30 months. Strangely enough the U.S.S.R. is asking for a shorter time—which is what we also want.

Mexico’s minister of finance is here (2nd trip) to meet with Nick Brady. They are having problems on currency exchange rates. Then some desk time. At 11 A.M. Dick Wirthlin came in with polling results. He’s optimistic about election & Bush. Then a Rose Garden event—homecoming of 5 astronauts & their wives. The heros brought me the badges they had carried in space for me. They were then fastened to the flight jacket they gave me.

Lunch & a photo with Jims Mother & Sister.

A signing ceremony in Roosevelt Rm. of “Alternative Motor Fuels Bill.” Top officials of Cong. of Independent Unions came in to present me with a plaque & an honorary life membership card. Sen’s. Rudy Boschwitz & Gordon Humphrey brought in a Rabbi they had helped get out of U.S.S.R. He & his family are going to Israel I believe.

Then a meeting with Sec. Shultz—his regular report. Much of it was taken up with negotiations on Angola.

Some more photos in Oval O. & Dip. Rm. then upstairs to a lonely W.H. Nancy is in N.Y.—due back for dinner. Did my exercise. Surprise, surprise, Nancy arrived about 5 P.M. I’m trying to get her to toss me a baseball a few times. Tomorrow night she’ll be in Los Angeles tossing out the ball for the 1st World Series Game at Dodger Stadium. Well she gave in & we did it in the Center Hall. She did very well. Dinner, a quiet evening & so to bed.