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October 13, 1988

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Diary Entry - 10/13/1988

Thursday, October 13, 1988

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Started day at 10 A.M. Talked about legislation permitting some closing of obsolete mil. bases. We’ve tried for a long time to get this.

Also talked of N.Y. Times poll shows my approval rating at 60%. It was 45% last Nov. Then the Drug bill—about 100 amendments are kicking around & holding up progress.

Pete Dawkins—N.J. Sen. Candidate wants Nick Brady to come to N.J. on his behalf. I think we can arrange that.

N.S.C.—Word on Duarte isn’t as good as he led me to believe. Apparently he’s trying to stay through next election in March.

France has agreed to go to a Human Rights meeting in Moscow. Thatcher is saying no.

Then it was desk time for me & lunch. After lunch had a photo with Ken D. & his family. Then a visit by delegation of Asian-Indian Americans. They have a foundation dedicated to furthering peace by keeping work of M. Gandhi alive. They awarded me their annual recognition for my contributions to peace—a bust (bronze) of M. Ghandi.

Then a delegation of Ukrainian Religious leaders presented me with a book & a gold medal for my efforts to get Soviets to give religious freedom to Ukraine.

We had a signing ceremony in the Rose Garden for the Welfare Reform bill.

Then Jim Miller & his family for a farewell reception in the Roosevelt Rm.

Bob Tuttle with some appointments. And a videotaping of commercials for 39 of our Cong. & Sen. candidates & 1 Gov. End of day—exercise, dinner & watch debate.