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October 03, 1988

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Diary Entry - 10/03/1988

Monday, October 3, 1988

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In office at 10 A.M. Time mag. has a poll showing Bush ahead 49 to 41. Poll also has my approval rating at 57% & Country going in right direction 73%. Tomorrow, I learned is supposed to be attempt at overriding my veto of Textile bill. Then staff who worked till midnight Fri. to get the appropriation bills passed came in for me to thank them.

Learned I may go to Phil. on 12th (Oct.) to lunch with Cardinal Kroll. Then on to N.J. campaigning.

N.S.C.—Report on hostage to be released in Beirut today but no facts. That would still leave 8 Am’s. captive.

Minister Straus—Bavaria (W. Germany) died.

Then I met with group of Yale & U. of Moscow students—part of our exchange program with U.S.S.R. Nice looking kids & you couldn’t tell the Russians from the Americans. All could speak the others language. Some desk time—bill signing & reading P.D.B.

Then a ceremony in East Room for signing of Columbus Day proclamation. It’s 500 years since he discovered Am. A Cabinet luncheon—just a session to talk about things & greet our 3 new Cabinet members—Brady, Thornburgh & Cavazos. In Roosevelt rm. after lunch spoke to meeting of Nat. Drug Policy Board now chaired by Dick Thornburgh.

In the Oval O. I signed bill authorizing a commemorative silver $ to Ike E. His brother—a general & his granddaughter were on hand.

Then a meeting with P.M. Seaga of Jamaica. He had some photos of the damage Hurricane Gilbert had done to the Island. Finally a haircut—then more desk time & upstairs for a shower & ready to go to 2 fundraisers. One for Nat. Repub. Congressional Committee & one for our Campaign America.

Colin called—we have further information but no proof on hostage. According to information it could be Singh the Indian professor at Am. U. in Beirut. He may be on his way to American Embassy in Damascus.

Nancy not here yet—she’s at a drug war affair. Expected back before I have to leave. Forgot to report at our lunch we watched (T.V.) our 5 astronauts land safely at Edwards A.F. Base in Calif. Nancy arrived & shortly thereafter I was on my way to the 1st reception—“House” affair—Bob Michel & Guy VanderJagt in charge. I did a receiving line & photos for 100 or so big donors—then a brief speech to the entire group. From there it was to the next one where Sen. Bob Dole & Elizabeth were in charge. Same format—70 photos here & about 300 for the speech. Both affairs raised about $1.2 mil. I got home early enough to get in a robe & slippers for dinner.

T.V. news says—the hostage & he was the Indian Singh.