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September 28, 1988

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Diary Entry - 09/28/1988

Wednesday, September 28, 1988

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Not into office until 10 A.M. Actually it was the study. The Oval O. was being set up for some filming with candidates. We had some talk about schedule. I’ll do some Calif. campaigning toward the end of Oct. which will mean a couple of days at the ranch. Then A. B. Culvahouse came in to explain why I must turn down prosecutor in Ollie Norths case who wants to call me as a witness. It would set a bad precedent. I have agreed to provide Defense with some written answers to Q’s.

Then N.S.C.—No Colin—he’s making a speech. John Negroponte took over. Chemical warfare & our pitch to convoke a meeting of the nations. Geo. S. is talking to the French & some others.

It looks good for an extension of our mil. bases in Spain except for the 402nd F16 base which will move to Italy.

Noriega has seized Pres. Del Valles sugar mill. Shevardnadze is leaving Fri. to return to U.S.S.R. for a Politbureau meeting.

Next week Chile will have the yes or no ballot on Pinochet.

Then a big gathering in the Rose Garden—complete with Marine Band, Canadian Ambas., Members of Cong. etc. Occasion was my signing the U.S.-Canada Free Trade agreement. Now it only remains for the Canadian Sen. to sign on.

Then a string of Roosevelt Rm. meetings & photo sessions. First the Boys Clubs Youth of The Year. I presented him his plaque. Then Representatives of Historically Black Colleges. They gave me a medal.

Last was for me to receive the Alexander Graham Bell medal for contributions to the hard of hearing.

Lunch—then over to E.O.B. for the Appropriations Bill Ceremony. Announced Jim Miller was leaving as Dir. of O.M.B.—to be replaced by Joe Wright.

Finally the filming in Oval O. & Cabinet Rm. for 1 Gov. Cand. N.H., 3 Sen. Cand’s. & 5 running for reelection.

Some desk work & upstairs about 3 P.M. Usual routine & early to bed.