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September 16, 1988

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Diary Entry- 09/16/1988

Friday, September 16, 1988

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1st meeting did a little discussion of B.B.Q. & Foleys remarks were very nice. We agreed I should write him a note which I did.

Then some talk about the disgraceful book by Ms. Mayer & McManus of the L.A. Times. It’s based on a flurry of outright lies.

House defeated Sarah Bradys plan to have gun buyers checked for criminal records etc.

Yesterday Sen. passed Textile bill but apparently we have the votes to sustain the veto I’ll deliver.

Sen. Committee voted approval of Cavazos as Sec. of Ed. Justice dept. is demanding indictment of Marcos on fraud charges.

N.S.C.—Papandreau of Greece divorcing his wife to marry his Mistress after he has quadruple heart by pass surgery. Gorbachev at Krasnoyarsk made a speech proposing we get our bases out of Philippines & he would close Soviet base at Camrahn Bay. He also volunteered to make Krasnoyarsk Radar a space tracking system open to international use. Catch is it could be transferred back at any time.

Our Ambas. Kelly in Beirut in Cyprus’ hospital—a heart problem. Later 10:45 a swearing in of Nick Brady as new Sec. of Treasury. Then meeting & lunch with Dr. Manfred Woerner—new Sec. Gen. of N.A.T.O. Good meeting—he’s a fine fellow.

Back to W.H. for Shultz meeting.

Then a visit by Dorothy Ferguson who is mother of young man who went into the Army a few years ago. She wrote me a beautiful letter about sitting in his bedroom after he left. We’ve kept in touch since. He’s served his enlistment term & is now entering college in Iowa.

Upstairs change clothes & off to Camp D.—first time in a couple of months.

Camp D. a cool 60° & cloudy. Started getting some of my homework read. Dinner & “The Girl From Jones Beach” & to bed early.