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September 08, 1988

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Diary Entry - 09/08/1988

Thursday, September 8, 1988

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Regular meeting at 9 A.M. Some talk about Yellowstone Fire. Ken Cribb is leaving us to go to the Heretage Foundation. Dan Crippen will replace him. Jim Miller is talking of leaving O.M.B. If so, we’ll promote Joe Wright.

N.S.C.—Still Q’s. as to whether Gorbachev is coming to the U.N. opening. We’re going to quietly begin bringing back the 2000 military police we sent to Panama. We’ll also start reducing our fleet in the Persian Gulf but only after we’re sure the Iran-Iraq peace is for real.

Frank C. is still in China & talking to them about reducing their sale of weapons world wide.

Later in A.M. Don Hodel, Dick Lyng & Will Taft (Defense) came in for a meeting about the fires. They agreed to go to Yellowstone this weekend & come back with a plan for advance fire fighting training particularly for our military.

Then an N.S.P.G. meeting about our delinquent payments to U.N. I’m to make a final decision on making good on payments soon.

Lunch on the Patio.

Then addressed about 150 of Executive Women in Govt. Did this in Rose Garden. A brief photo session & meeting with Board members of Hispanic American C. of C.

A meeting with a truly great philanthropist—a Japanese I’ve met before—Sasakawa.

Dick Wirthlin session with post convention poll results—taken about 10 days after. All looked very good. A farewell reception in Roosevelt Room for Ken Cribb. A photo session with George O’Neill who is doing a book on leading conservatives. Kens 2 little boys insisted on reciting the Pledge of Allegiance for me.

A taping session in the Library & upstairs—exercise, shower etc. And at 9:15 P.M. Nancy arrived from Calif. Rex got to her 1st but I was right behind.