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August 12, 1988

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Diary Entry - 08/12/1988

Friday, August 12, 1988

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Lots of things to talk about—speeches—Sun. Mon. noon & night. A phone call to be made to the Ziemans tonite. Cong. has gone home til Sept. Sen. has cleared almost all the Ambas. appointments they’ve been stalling on.

The so called Dire supplemental is progressing. This is funding for things like Black Lung etc. Welfare reform is put off til Sept. Strom Thurmond for some reason is blocking clearance of the other 3 justice dept. appointments.

Schedule for Oct. will give me 3 days at ranch then campaign chores on way back to Wash. Start is Oct. 7.

My Aug. 23 Pete Wilson fund raiser in San Diego will find me leaving ranch an hour earlier because I’ll stop in Long Beach & do a signing ceremony of Trade Bill.

N.S.C.—Things are quiet on Foreign Affairs Front. [. . .] They’re making a little fuss about it. Soviets look like they’ll make good on getting 1⁄2 their forces out of Afghanistan by Aug. 15.

Contras recrossing border out of Nicaragua into Honduras reveal a problem—many are under nourished, sick & some wounded.

At 11:20 a good time in 450 E.O.B. I addressed our Administration Officers. Geo. B. spoke ahead of me. All went well.

Back to office & a photo with Ray Shaddicks daughter & a friend.

Lunch & an N.S.P.G. sleep inducing meeting. A discussion of Mobile nuc. missiles & some of points to work out with Soviets on verification.

Then a photo with 26 members of Council on the Humanitys. A lengthy taping session for 6 different org’s. & affairs. Upstairs a date with a tailor—to make a little improvement of coat of suit that was a gift when I was in Brussels.