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July 29, 1988

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Diary Entry - 07/29/1988

Friday, July 29, 1988

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Another hot day. We started by talking leaks to the press—suddenly there is a new wave. One about covert operations is so destructive to what we’re trying to do with regard to Noriega could actually get a few people killed. I think it’s disgraceful the press would use it.

Ed Meese has asked for a meeting Mon. I’ve said yes.

Both Houses on the hill have passed drought bills & both have hung some costly ornaments on them. We’ll try to get corrections made in the conference.

Dukakis has accepted our offer to provide intelligence briefings during the campaign. Plans are going forward with regard to both candidates in regard to where their personal residence would be in the event of becoming President etc.

N.S.C.—Leadership of P.O.W.-M.I.A. organization is concerned about whether the new administration will continue our work in seeking information & remains of the M.I.A.’s. We will urge that it be carried on. Laos & Vietnam are proposing a joint operation. We anticipate some problems when P.M. Prem of Thailand steps down. We’re not happy about some of his possible replacements. Things are stirring in Cambodia. We’re hopeful Prince Sihanouk will play a major role.

Then Franz Josef Strauss of W. Germany arrived. Nancy & I have known him since we were guests in Bavaria (Munich) in 1978. We had a good but short meeting (1⁄2 hr.). He is a W. German Minister but also Pres. of Bavaria.

Some desk time then off to the Marriott to address the “National League of POW/MIA Familys.” It was an emotional time. They surprised me with a portrait painted of me in riding clothes at the ranch. It is a gift to the Presidential Library.

Back to the W.H. for lunch. Then a photo with the Pakistani Foreign Minister Yaqub Khan. Only a 5 min. visit. Geo. Shultz came for a meeting and laid out his upcoming trip to Latin Am. It will be several stops in Central America, then S.A. beginning with Argentina then back to Central Am. It’s quite a program—involving drug problems, more Democracy etc.

Then into the Roosevelt Rm. to have photos with about 50 of the Presidential Trust. The V.P. & I did personal photos with each. These are truly generous contributors to Repub. causes. Geo. will be addressing them at a dinner tonite.

Then Camp David time. On way to Marine 1 we did 6 photos with various groups. Finally—Camp David.