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July 15, 1988

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Diary Entry - 07/15/1988

Friday, July 15, 1988

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Started day talking about yesterdays trip. Everyone who went along thinks it was a great success. N.Y. Times had a front page photo. Wash. Post had story on P. 14.

The D.O.D. authorization passed in both houses. It may present a problem—to sign or veto.

Ambas. Tunnerman who we are sending back to Nicaragua got no support from Org. of Am. States. He’s due out at 5:30 P.M. Still says he’s not going. We say he is. If he takes shelter in the embassy we’ll have a problem because we cant set foot in an embassy. Senate moving fast on Thornburgh approval—have said it could happen by Aug. 5.

Both houses passed resolution denouncing Sandinista govt. That is a turnaround. Now if they’ll finally stop being stubborn & let us give aid to the Contras. It’s possible I’ll be scheduled for an address at Gov.’s Conference in Cincinnati Ohio.

N.S.C.—Pres. Botha of S. Africa has granted a permanent stay of execution for 6 Blacks under death sentence. We had asked him to do that.

We’re encouraged by progress in talks about Angola & getting the Cuban military out of there.

The problem of whether to declare the Krasnoyarsk radar is a violation of the A.B.M. as it is now or take the next step by calling it a “Material Breach” still faces us. Sec. of Defense says yes but Joint Chf’s. of Staff say no.

At 11:30 A.M. I went over to E.O.B. & in company of Sec. Verity & Science Adviser Graham handed out 30 medals—the annual awarding of Nat. Medals of Science & of Technology.

Then back to a meeting & lunch with U.N. Sec. Gen. Peres de Cuellar. It was a good meeting & we covered a number of situations including our being behind in payments to U.N.

A little desk time then some departure photos & a 1st meeting with new Surgeon General of the Army—Gen. Ledford. Also a photo with Congressman Marvin Leaths son on his 21st birthday. Phoned Max Fisher to say Happy Birthday. It was no. 80 for him.

Then a taping session & a drop bye in Dr. Huttons office. He had 2 specialists there to look at my lip. He has felt there was a spot which might be a beginning Carcinoma. Now they’ve decided maybe not so they’ll look again on Aug. 5.

Tonite in family theatre about 35 assorted guests to see “The Winning Team”—my picture where I play Grover Cleveland Alexander. It was a great evening. We all had dessert & coffee in the hall outside the theatre—then inside for the movie. It was very well received & the audience included a few ex sports announcers & big league ball players of a previous time. After the pic. was over I told them a few anecdotes about “Alex” & the making of the movie. Then beddy bye.