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June 24, 1988

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Diary Entry - 06/24/1988

Friday, June 24, 1988

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Didn’t look at my schedule carefully. Arrived at office at 9 A.M.—wasn’t due til 10 A.M. Well I had an hours desk time. Then at 10 started meeting with Ken, V.P., & A. B. Culvahouse. He reported on Judge Gesell—on the North & Poindexter case. Had to do with classified info. & whether it can be used as evidence. I’m just not sure what it’s all about.

Then another case involving a Sup. Ct. decision. Move on to appeal to Sup. Ct. for reconsideration of something called the Runyan decision. We are not participating. Some discussion of gun control & my statement that I approved what Calif. has done about a waiting period for anyone buying a gun—until their background has been checked.

N.S.C.—Colin briefed me on coming visit by Patriarch of Lebanese Catholic Church. He is addressed as “Your Beatitude.” Talk also about possible visit to Pres. Duarte who has begun Chemotherapy treatment.

Mujahadeen fired rockets at Kabul Airport & destroyed 7 Soviet fighter planes.

Rioting in Yugoslavia against Communist party.

Then it was time for his Beatitude. A pleasant meeting—he was accompanied by Papal D’Nuncio.

Some desk time—then met with Calif. Young Presidents org. in Roosevelt room.

Lunch followed by departure photo of one of our public affairs people—now working in Calif. Followed by meeting with Holly Coors Son.

Short meeting with Sec. Shultz—he was late—little time for business.

Then out to S. Lawn—1200 former prisoners of 4 wars. W.W.I, W.W.II, Korea & V.N. A new medal honoring former P.O.W.s has been created. I presented 6—ex P.O.W.’s as symbols of medals they will all get. A moving ceremony.

Then a tunnel tour—a new construction.

A reception preceding tonites Ford Theatre Gala—a receiving line—upstairs for dinner & off to the theatre. The show was the best of the 8 we’ve seen—a lot of old friends: Jimmy & Gloria Stewart, Rosemary Clooney, Mike Feinstein, Shirley Jones, Sid Caesar Fabian & others.