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June 23, 1988

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Diary Entry - 06/23/1988

Thursday, June 23, 1988

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Howard on hand for meeting but then he’s leaving for Rep. John Duncans funeral. We talked some about Trade bill. Jim B. is coming in to see me for his view about Geo. S. objections. Cong. is now considering a bill to raise the minimum tax [wage] to $4.55 over 3 yrs. instead of the $5.05 they were talking about.

N.S.C.—Colin met with group of pro-Contra Senators. They want to go for an aid bill including military aid to be held in escrow.

He also heard from an Angolan minister who talked about being willing to send Cuban army home but doesn’t want to negotiate with Savimbi. Colin told me that wouldn’t work.

Then they gave me some free time to get ready for Australian P.M. Bob Hawke who is coming before noon.

In the meantime I met with a group of Puerto Rico-Americans who have won a Life Achievement Award from a society that is recognizing such citizens who make it in the Arts, Professions & business to overcome the stigma so many people attach to P.R. Am’s.

Then it was Hawke time. He’s been here 4 times. We had a good meeting & lunch at the W.H. We have a great relationship between our 2 countries. I think I reassured him that our summit negotiations weren’t going to affect their Wheat exports. Lunch turned into a story telling session.

We did departure statements in East Room—it was 100° on the S. Lawn.

Then we had a cabinet briefing & follow up meeting reporting on summit, on Drought & on Privatization. A good meeting.

Some photos then the Gershwin family to whom I presented medals struck by order of Congress. One to George G’s sister & one to Ira’s widow.

Upstairs—exercise then into Black tie on to dinner for Sen. John Stennis. It was a moving affair to a deserving, remarkable man. I announced we were naming a nuc. powered aircraft carrier the U.S.S. John Stennis. Home & mother.