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June 17, 1988

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Diary Entry - 06/17/1988

Friday, June 17, 1988

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Decided to have Dick Lyng—Sec. of Agri. in this afternoon re the drought.

Welfare reform passed Sen. after an amendment calling for work fare was added.

Trade bill—Rostenkowski thinks he has a bill Bob Michel will join him on passing it. The Fair Housing bill is being cleaned up & may be acceptable.

N.S.C.—Geo. B. reported on conversation with Dick Walters just back from visit to S. America. Dick has some ideas about Noriega.

Soviets are punishing some of dissidents who met with me. We have sent a direct message to top command. Later in day a message came to us from top level—Yuri Zieman is going to be on way to America already.

Cap W. called Frank about changing S.D.I. plans—he’s violently against it & so am I.

Our Nicaragua visitors will settle for non-lethal aid plus our right to deliver.

N.S.P.G. meeting in Situation room. [. . .] —help for Contras in Nicaragua. I’ve asked for specific plans on which I can base my decision.

Then Briefing & an interview T.V. one with CNN & another one with PBS both on coming summit.

Over to East Room for Charley Wicks U.S.I.A. International Council Conference. Did a receiving line 1st—160 people from all over the world then Lunch—I addressed them. It was a warm friendly time.

Nancy & I went upstairs & were joined by Charley & Mary Jane. Charley said he had something to say. It was great news. He said he was staying on as Dir. until I leave office.

A meeting with Geo. Shultz. He’s fired up about some flaws in new trade bill. A haircut, a taping session for 4 events—then home & mother.