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June 13, 1988

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Diary Entry - 06/13/1988

Monday, June 13, 1988

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A busy day—began with a call from Howard B. in Tenn. His 87 yr. old mother has just been taken to the hospital so he’s staying there.—She may require surgery. Ken & the V.P. started the day. We discussed 1st the sale of F 18’s to Kuwait—none of the Hebrew org’s. are opposing this sale. Learned Geo. S. is meeting later in the day with the Contra leaders here.

Then it was Welfare reform—some on the Hill are talking welfare reform but they are proposing welfare increase. We need a bill that will provide work for welfare recipients.

Cong. defeated a budget busting health care bill. We have a good chance of getting a catastrophic bill I can sign.

N.S.C.—Colin reported on Somalia—the horn of Africa & the continued strife between Govt. forces in the S. & the Somalia people in the N. This is based on ancient tribal rivalries & it looks like the govt. forces are the recalcitrants.

More talk about visiting Contras & then word that Greece has refused our request for extradition of Rashid a terrorist responsible for 2 murders in a hijacking. They insist on trying him for some irregularity with his passport.

Then a brief visit with Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan. We’ve known him for quite a while. Now he’s heading up the U.N. Commission to help the Afghan people.

Some desk time & a call to Mrs. Louis Lamour re her husbands death.

An issues briefing lunch. A photo with Tom Ferguson & family. Our Ambas. to Brunei. A meeting with Geo. Shultz—reporting on Mid East and at 1:50 he & I left for St. Dept. where I addressed the Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Council.

Back at the W.H.—some desk time. Then a photo with members of the No. Atlantic Assembly & received their report on N.A.T.O.

Congressional photo time—Congressmen bringing in particular constituents. One was a noted sculptor presenting me with a magnificent Bronze Buffalo. Another an unusual silver plated bronze boot jack. Then one with 2 oil paintings—one of the Americas cup race—the other a scene of a horse-jump in the 84 Olympics equestrian event. Then a man who had sculpted a bas-relief of Gorbachev & me.

Next a series of photos & T.V. shots with 10 of our Cong. & Sen. Candidates (2 Sen. 8 House).

Word came to me Nancy would be late getting here from N.Y. A threat of terrorist attacks at La Guardia brought about a switch of her plane.

In the Rose Garden I met 100 members of the New Mexico Amigos—a group of top Hispanic business men. They gave us a silver platter & an oil painting.

Then upstairs & very shortly Nancy was home safe & we had dinner on the Truman balcony.