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May 06, 1988

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Diary Entry- 05/06/1988

Friday, May 6, 1988

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Word that unemployment is 5.4% & 62.6% of the total potential pool is employed.

There is some argument about my veto message of the trade bill. Geo. S. & a few others think I should veto on basis whole bill is bad instead of just the plant closing feature. I’m afraid I can't agree.

Don Regan is doing a press conf. Sun. to plug his book which is a vile attack on Nancy. I expressed that today in answer to a press Q.

N.S.C.—As of 7:15 A.M. Poland had not turned police etc. loose on shipyard strikers in Gdansk.

Tass has commented on my Chi. speech and said I confessed to human rights violations in the U.S.

El Salvador—cancelled seating newly elected Assembly. Dispute over vote count.

Then it was time for meeting with majority leader of W. German bundestag—Alfred Dregger. A brief but good meeting. I reassured him of our ongoing close relationship with W. Germany.

Followed almost immediately by meeting with Josip Vrhovec member of Yugoslav Presidency. A good meeting—that once Communist country is really moving into a free enterprise system.

We had a cabinet briefing—Sam Pierce on “housing.” He & his people have really done a great job.

Had a photo with people who are organizing “Public Service Week.” Then it was lunch & a phone call to man in Chi. who put together last Wed’s. fund raiser. They did $250,000. After lunch a staff photo—with whole press office staff including Jim Brady. And finally regular meeting with George Shultz. Most of time going over upcoming summit.

Then upstairs, change clothes & off to Camp D. Managed to helicopter all the way in although clouds & rain were almost down on the mountaintop.