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April 18, 1988

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Diary Entry - 04/18/1988

Monday, April 18, 1988

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Awakened at around 5 A.M. for call on secret phone. It was Colin reporting we’d taken out 2 of the 3 platforms—3 of our Naval vessels there while 3 more awaited Iran ship or ships to come out of harbor. A little while later Colin called again to get my O.K. on diverting ships bound for 3rd oil platform to ships off Iranian harbor. I did it.

First meeting in morning some discussion of last nights meeting. Then the Drug issue & the Trade Bill. We are still having problems with I.N.F. treaty.

Then Ed M. joined us to report on trip to Latin America—5 countrys. He met with Presidents of all 5. Trip a real success. They are all tightening up on their Anti-drug campaigns. Dominican Republic has an operation that identifies boats & planes in a computer etc.

N.S.C.—Panama—Mike Kozac is on his way to 2nd meeting with Noriega.

Report that Amal in Lebanon killed our Col. Higgens. Amal denies it.

Actually Amal is on our side & has tried to help get him back. By now we know we have sunk 2 Iranian vessels.

Thurs. I’m to sign a memorandum of agreement with Israel. It is simply a restatement of our protection & solid relationship with Israel.

A little desk time & over to E.O.B. for meeting with Youth Volunteers. This is a widespread thing of young people (students etc.) who are engaged in volunteer programs to help all kinds of people who need help. They gave me one of their T shirts. Had lunch in Cab. room with 22 Repub. State Chairmen of 22 states W. of Miss. river. It was a good & enjoyable time. After lunch back to E.O.B. to speak to Associated General Contractors.

Some personal time—then a series of photos & greeting some visitors to Wash. Our old friends from S. Barbara, ex Major Mull & his wife & a pair of Moon & Besses friends.

Upstairs to get into a Tux for Paul Laxalts Lamb Fry.

Reports coming in on P. Gulf. We have sunk or disabled 3 vessels now & disabled 2 smaller craft.

The Lamb Fry was as always a lot of ribald fun & I was home before 10 P.M.