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February 10, 1988

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Diary Entry - 02/10/1988

Wednesday, February 10, 1988

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Of course 1st subject was Gen. Noriega who is spouting lies all over the news.

Several depts. of course have a hand in foreign affairs, Commerce, Justice Dept., Defense & of course State. We discussed setting up a channel so that before any one of them goes off on it’s own it goes through me.

Speaker Jim Wright has publicly announced that I’m invited to join him in working out a new Contra aid bill. I’ve replied that he should send his plan over to me to look at & I’ll give him my ideas.

Discussion of my part in Nat. Repub. Convention. We all agree maybe I should make a speech opening day.

N.S.C.—Pres. of Panama announced he was going to ask Noriega to take a leave of absence—then he postponed the Cabinet meeting where this was supposed to take place.

U.S. attorneys in Miami are drawing up papers demanding extradition. In Haiti things going well with new President but we’re a little curious—there seems to be no sign of Namphy. A letter is coming from P.M. Mulroney (Canada) re our mutual problem of Acid rain. This is a touchy problem.

In P. Gulf—Iranian planes shot down an Iraqui plane & they are using helicopters to attack ships.

Then a visitor for a short time—V.P. of Switzerland Jean Pascal Delamuraz. He will be Pres. in 89 for 1 yr. term—promotion from V.P. to Pres. is automatic.

Desk time—then lunch with V.P. Bush. He told me he had called & squared tiff with Dan Rather—both are keeping it quiet. Meeting with C.I.A. director Bill Webster—briefed on some Soviet naval advances. Then meeting with Geo. S.—He spoke of mid-East peace plan & transition in W. Bank & Gaza. Most countries are very pleased but P.M. Shamir is a hold out. Then he talked of his upcoming trips & my coming visit to N.A.T.O.

An Ec. briefing—nothing much new. And finally a visit by publisher & several cartoonists & cover artist of the New Yorker magazine. They gave me a cartoon book of those that had appeared in New Yorker.

I finished some letters, signed some pictures & upstairs.