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2023-2024 Fellowship Application now open

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2023-2024 Reagan visiting fellow

Samuel Beroud

Dr. Samuel Beroud is a postdoctoral fellow at the Ronald Reagan Institute. He graduated from the University of Geneva. Samuel also studied at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), Columbia University, and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. Before joining the institute, he worked at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), and the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars in Washington, D.C. Trained as an economic historian, he is a specialist in geoeconomics. His current book project, titled “Crisis as Opportunity: Western Economic Relations and the Resurgence of US Hegemony, 1969-1989,” will demonstrate how the US administration took advantage of the monetary and energy crises of this period to prevent the creation of an independent bloc in Western Europe that could have undermined the US's dominant position.

Christian Ruth

Dr. Christian Ruth is a historian of American foreign relations. His book manuscript, One-Third Rich and Two-Thirds Hungry: Development and Neoliberalism in the Late Cold War, examines how foreign aid and global socioeconomic development were changed after the Vietnam War. He is also working on a chapter on basic human needs strategies in aid and ethics, and a second manuscript on the effects of modern day monarchist movements on political extremism. 

Before he arrived at the Reagan Institute, Christian was a lecturer on foreign relations, American history, and global affairs for Marist College, and SUNY Albany. He received his BA and MA in history from the University of Kentucky, and a PhD in history from SUNY at Albany. 


2022-2023 Reagan Visiting Fellows

Nathan Gibson

Dr. Gibson is a political scientist who studies American political institutions. He is particularly interested in how partisan incentives affect policymaking in the executive and legislative branches. Prior to coming to the Institute, he was a Postgraduate Research Associate and Lecturer at Princeton University, where he also received his Ph.D. and M.A. in the Department of Politics.

He is working to convert his dissertation, Presidential Use of Centralization and Politicization, winner of APSA’s 2022 George E Edwards III Award for best dissertation on executive politics, into a completed book manuscript. This book explores modern presidential use of White House staff and political appointees to influence policymaking within the executive branch, incorporating quantitative, theoretical, and archival perspectives. Beginning in Fall 2023 he will serve as an assistant professor at Elizabethtown College.

William Chou

Dr. William Chou is a historian on US-Japanese security and trade relations. His book manuscript, Material Ambassadors: Postwar Japanese Consumer Exports and the Cold War US-Japanese Relationship, examines Japan's commercial exports and how they reconfigured bilateral security, business, and cultural relations during the Cold War. He is also currently working on a chapter on US-Japanese trade and technology exchange in the 1970s and 1980s for an edited volume on 20th century American capitalism.

Prior to arriving at Reagan, William was an AWC Fellow at the Clements Center (UT-Austin), a Smithsonian Fellow at the National Museum for American History, and a Fulbright-Hays Fellow at the University of Tokyo. Previously, he also worked as a researcher at Institute for Defense Analyses and the Army's Center for Military History on issues concerning intelligence integration, counterinsurgency, and defense planning.

He received his B.A. in history from Yale, a PhD in history from Ohio State, and studied Japanese at the Inter-University Center in Yokohama. He is a former Jeopardy! champion.


2021-2022 Reagan Visiting Fellows

Frances Tilney Burke

Chris Campbell


2020-2021 Reagan Visiting Fellows

Anthony Eames

Luke Griffith