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April, 5, 2023

Reagan Institute Summit on Education to Convene May 24-25, 2023

National bipartisan conference brings together key stakeholders to discuss the state of the
U.S. education system and mark the 40th Anniversary of President Ronald Regan’s “A Nation
at Risk” report.

WASHINGTON, DC The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute announced it will
host the sixth annual Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE) at the Ronald Reagan Institute
in Washington, DC, and online, May 24 - 25, 2023.

This year’s theme: The Nation’s Next Horizon, will center on America’s recovery and resilience and
highlight President Ronald Reagan’s seminal “A Nation at Risk report released in 1983.
Conversations at RISE will examine a range of policies and practices, from early childhood to
postsecondary education, and identify solutions to address the challenges facing the U.S. education
system in today’s rapidly evolving world. RISE seeks to evaluate the U.S. education system’s
challenges and reinforce its strengths through expert collaboration and insight-sharing.

“President Ronald Reagan believed that a good education was every American’s key to success,” said
Roger Zakheim, director of the Ronald Reagan Institute. “RISE 2023 will honor President Ronald
Reagan’s legacy and his lasting impact on our nation’s education system. This year’s summit will
feature leaders from all branches of government and across a variety of sectors and industries who
will share their diverse insights and experiences of leading, driving pivotal conversation in the field
of education.”

Each year, RISE brings together education leaders and influential stakeholders including
Members of Congress, top-level administrators from higher education institutions, and industry
leaders. Previous notable participants include Dr. Jill Biden, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,
as well as seven Secretaries of Education and two Supreme Court Justices.

RISE sessions will be presented in a hybrid format with a series of panels and conversations shown
online on May 24 and in-person events on May 25, which will also be live-streamed. The Reagan
Institute is honored to announce the following confirmed in-person and virtual sessions:

The Imperative for Educational Reform

Charting the Future of Financial Aid

How Universities Can Preserve Free Speech

Policy Levers to Strengthen the Teaching Profession

Tiny Grants, Big Impact College and Workforce
Fireside Chats with Governors

Teaching and Learning in the Age of AI

Redefining Excellence

Early Learning

Reengaging our Students/Opportunity Youth

“Now in its sixth year, RISE offers a unique opportunity for experts in education from across the
country to engage in civil discourse and address the important issues facing our teachers and
students,” said Dr. Janet Tran, director of the Ronald Reagan Institute’s Center for Civics,
Education, and Opportunity. “RISE elevates the conversation around education and work towards
preparing our country’s next generation for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

RISE 2023 will be open to registered media. For more information, visit
and follow @ReaganInstitute.

Media Contact: Amanda Bailey


About the Reagan Foundation and Institute:

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is the nonprofit organization created by
President Reagan himself and specifically charged by him with continuing his legacy and sharing
his principles - individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. The
Foundation is a non-partisan organization which sustains the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
and Museum in Simi Valley, CA, the Reagan Center for Public Affairs, the Presidential Learning
Center, The Air Force One Pavilion and the award-winning Discovery Center, as well as the Reagan
Institute, which carries out the Foundation’s work in Washington, D.C. The Reagan Library houses
over 55 million pages of Gubernatorial, Presidential and personal papers and over 60,000 gifts and
artifacts chronicling the lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. It also serves as the final resting place
of America’s 40th President and his First Lady.

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