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Podcast - Tommy Lasorda
Audio Length: 53:59

Tommy Lasorda

In this week's Reagan Forum, we go back to August 2019, when we hosted a conversation with Major League Baseball Hall of Fame inductee and former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

After a brief career as a left-handed pitcher, Tommy Lasorda became one of the most enthusiastic and successful managers in baseball history. Lasorda, who has been with the Dodgers for 65 years, led the team to two world championships, four National League titles and eight division titles in 20 years as manager of the team. Following his retirement as manager, Lasorda became a special advisor to the chairman of the Dodgers. One of his most memorable accomplishments was managing the United States to its first-ever gold medal in baseball at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

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Podcast - Donald Rumsfeld
Audio Length: 01:04:05

Donald Rumsfeld

In this week’s “A Reagan Forum” we look back to May 21, 2013 when we hosted Donald Rumsfeld, who, over the course of his life served as a Member of Congress, U.S. Ambassador to NATO, White House Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense twice -- the only such example in U.S. history -- and literally a dozen or more important federal advisory roles. Sometime in the 1960s, Donald Rumsfeld began collecting pithy, compelling and often humorous observations about leadership, business and life, gathering them on three-by-five cards and storing them in a shoebox. As his career skyrocketed over time, what started out as scribblings in a shoebox eventually migrated their way to memos, grew sizably and have been distributed widely in one format or another to those who have had the privilege to work with him over the years. In 2013 they were captured in a book, entitled Rumsfeld’s Rules and organized in such a way that they will prove to be priceless pointers to everyone looking to lead in life, from college graduates to business leaders to aspiring public servants. During his remarks at the Reagan Library he discussed those rules.

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Podcast - Condoleezza Rice
Audio Length: 57:26

Condoleezza Rice

In this week’s “A Reagan Forum” we look back to July 14, 2009 when Condoleezza Rice addressed our audience. It was less than seven months after serving our nation as the 66th Secretary of State, the first African-American woman to ever serve in this position. Her speech was the most-attended Reagan Forum in the Library’s 18-year history. Condoleezza Rice actually has many things in common with President Reagan. Like the president, she began her political aspirations with the Democratic Party before switching her party registration, and loyalty, to the Republican Party. And, like the President, her unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy and liberty over tyranny led her to an influential position in government, critical in our nation instituting change. During President Reagan’s administration, Condoleezza Rice served as a Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as an arms control and foreign policy specialist. She begins her remarks at the Reagan Library by stating that standing up for democracy is the proposition she wants to defend.

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Podcast - Eva's Promise
Audio Length: 27:58

Eva's Promise

On a train to Auschwitz, 17-year-old Heinz Geiringer told his sister Eva that he hid the paintings and poetry he created during his time in hiding beneath the attic floorboards. Heinz made Eva promise if he should die in the camps, she would retrieve the artwork. Eva survived the camps, and Heinz did not.  After the war, Eva became the posthumous stepsister of Anne when her mother married Anne’s father. Heinz’s story sits in the shadow of the better-known DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. Director Steve McCarthy and Producer Susan Kerner created a documentary, called “Eva’s Promise” to introduce the world to Heinz and to share his sister’s efforts to find and share his remarkable legacy. They came to the Reagan Library on August 8, 2023 to screen the film and then share their thoughts about the project. 

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Podcast - Bob Ballard
Audio Length: 01:03:52

Bob Ballard

Just this summer, in June of 2023, tragedy struck when the Titan Submersible, on its way to explore the Titanic, imploded under the ocean, immediately killing all of those on board. One of the first authorities to discuss the matter was Dr. Robert Ballard, the man responsible for discovering the Titanic in 1985. With his name back in the news, we thought it might be fun in this week’s Reagan Forum podcast to dust off our program with Dr. Ballard from 2017. So please enjoy this podcast, which originally broadcast on April 19, 2018.

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Podcast - George W. Bush
Audio Length: 57:43

George W. Bush

In this week’s “A Reagan Forum” we go back to March 1, 2017 when former United States President George W. Bush came to the Reagan Library to discuss his brand-new book, Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors. President Bush was so moved by the sacrifices of our wounded American warriors, that he began the challenge of capturing and immortalizing their courage on canvas. Through his paintings he was able to take their strength, their dignity, their perseverance and their patriotism, and lift it up for all of us to see on a much deeper and intimate level.

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Podcast - Auschwitz Survivor Celina Karp Biniaz and Author William Friedricks
Audio Length: 52:10

Auschwitz Survivor Celina Karp Biniaz and Author William Friedricks

In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast we go back to our in-person event with Holocaust Survivor Celina Karp Biniaz and author William Friedricks for Bill’s book, Saved by Schindler: The Life of Celina Karp Biniaz. This event was part of the programing for our current exhibition, Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away. Celina Karp was just eight years old when the Germans invaded her homeland of Poland in 1939. After spending time with her family in hiding, and then a ghetto, she and her family were sent to a slave labor/concentration camp. Celina even spent several terrifying weeks at Auschwitz where she faced down the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele before ultimately landing on Schindler's list.

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Podcast - Dr. Jill Biden
Audio Length: 12:43

Dr. Jill Biden

In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast we go back to May 24 and May 25, 2023 when the Reagan Institute held their annual Reagan Institute Summit on Education conference, otherwise known as RISE. RISE 2023 examined policy and practice from early childhood through postsecondary education and beyond. The imperative for education reform is even more salient as the United States emerges from the global pandemic and it is important to answer the call to modernize our education system and prepare for the challenges of the 22nd century. The two-day hybrid conference convened a number of thought leaders, current and former administration officials and members of congress, state leaders, students, and educators both in-person and virtually. The featured speaker on May 25 was First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, who spoke on the Future of Education. During her address, Dr. Biden spoke about the Biden-Harris Administration’s work towards bridging the gap between learning and earning. She spoke about the Administration’s education pathway which starts with free universal preschool, transitioning to a high school experience that properly prepares students, finally moving onto 2-years of affordable community college, and available avenues to a 4-year degree.

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Podcast - July 4th Statue Unveiling
Audio Length: 37:46

July 4th Statue Unveiling

In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast we go back to July 4th, 2023, when the Reagan Foundation and Institute unveiled a statue of Sally Ride – the first female American astronaut. Sally Ride’s first flight into space was on June 18, 2023, during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. As she is also a California native, we thought it fitting to include her statue at the Reagan Library.

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Podcast - Eva Schloss
Audio Length: 18:48

Eva Schloss

In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast we go back to our virtual event with Eva Schloss which was held on June 12 – the birthday of Anne Frank. Eva is the stepsister of Anne. The virtual program covered the legacy of Anne Frank, as well as the promise Eva made to her brother, Heinz, and what she’s doing now to make good on that promise. Eva Schloss is an Austrian-English Holocaust survivor, memoirist and stepdaughter of Otto Frank, the father of Margot and diarist Anne Frank. Eva speaks widely of her family's experiences during the Holocaust and is a participant in the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive project to record video answers to be used in educational tools.

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Podcast - Labyrinth Screening
Audio Length: 42:20

Labyrinth Screening

Marian Kolodziej was on the first transport into Auschwitz on June 14, 1940. He was given number 432. He survived and never spoke of his experience for 50 years. After a serious stroke in 1993, he began rehabilitation by doing pen and ink drawings depicting the experiences he and others endured in the concentration camp. These drawings, in their skeletal detail, are a gripping depiction of the pain, death, and horrors of the camp. While most of the drawings represent the memories of a young man’s hellish experiences in Auschwitz, some tell stories of small acts of kindness and dignity. Marian’s story of survival, of persistence, of life before, during, and after Auschwitz are a testament to the human spirit. Marian’s drawings and art installations, which he called The Labyrinth, fill the large basement of a church near Auschwitz and draw visitors into the horrific reality of the Holocaust. On June 14, 2023, we held a documentary screening for The Labyrinth. Following that screening we were joined in conversation with the film’s producer, Fr. Ron Schmidt. Today’s Reagan Forum podcast is of that conversation.

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Podcast - Mayor Francis Suarez
Audio Length: 29:34

Mayor Francis Suarez

In this week’s Reagan Forum podcast, we go back one week to June 15, 2023 for our in-person event with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who was a speaker in the Reagan Foundation’s Time for Choosing Speaker Series, a forum for leading voices in the conservative movement. Mayor Suarez was first elected with a mandate of 86 percent and then re-elected with a mandate of nearly 79 percent. Under his leadership, Miami has cut crime and cut taxes to one of their lowest points in over fifty years, spurring a broad-based economic expansion across Miami. His father, Xavier Suarez, was Miami’s first-ever Cuban-American mayor. During his Time for Choosing speech at the Reagan Library, Mayor Suarez addressed additional critical issues facing the future of the Republican Party.

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