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The 2024 application is now closed. 

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Eligibility for the GE-reagan scholarship

Candidates must

  • Demonstrate the attributes of leadership, integrity, drive, and citizenship within their communities, schools, and workplaces

  • Display strong academic performance (minimum 3.0 grade point average/4.0 scale or equivalent)

  • Be citizens of the United States of America

  • Be current high school seniors attending high school within the United States, (including any U.S. territories or commonwealths), and graduating in winter 2023 or spring 2024. Homeschooled applicants, and applicants living on a U.S. Armed Forces base and attending high school outside the U.S. are eligible.

  • Plan to enroll in a full‑time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four‑year college or university in the United States for the entire 2024-2025 academic school year

How to Make Your Application Shine

Learn More about Becoming a GE-Reagan Scholar

Learn about the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program. Here you’ll get an overview of the scholarship benefits, requirements, and the application deadline for this year’s scholarship.

Past Recipients

Read about the journey of past scholarship recipients and see where they are now. Get insight into the application and selection process.

Crafting A Successful Application

Get the inside scoop from our our panelists of past recipients. In this three-part video series, you’ll Hear from program insiders about how to craft a successful application and be a strong contender to become a GE-Reagan Foundation Scholar.

Application timeline and Requirements

  1. Basic information about you, your parent/guardian, your high school, your top college choice, and your financial situation.
    Note: applicants are first considered on the basis of merit. Financial information is just one component of the evaluation process. We encourage all applicants to apply and not rule themselves out based on financial circumstances. 

  2. Your involvement in extracurricular activities.

  3. Your involvement in community service.

  4. Your involvement in paid work. 

  5. Essay on your leadership and service.

  6. A statement about your goals.

  7. Your high school transcripts (semifinalists only).

  8. One recommendation (semifinalists only).

  9. Financial documentation (semifinalists only).

  10. A statement on your values (semifinalists only).


Do you have questions about the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program?

Visit our FAQ page to get answers to the most common questions from our applicants.


We’re here to help you succeed.

Visit our scholarship resources page to get guidance on how to best showcase your leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship as you apply for the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program.


Meet past recipients of the GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program.

Learn from their personal experiences and see where they are now.