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RoundUp Your Spare Change Now

Q: What is the RoundUp app? (

A: The RoundUp App allows you to automatically round up and donate the change from your credit or debit card purchases to a nonprofit of your choice.


Q: How does it work?

A: When you sign up, you attach a credit or debit card to your account (and validate a bank account). You then set a minimum of how much you would like to donate every month and RoundUp automatically “rounds” your purchases until you reach that amount or more! At the end of every month, your card is charged for your “RoundedUp” donation, which is then transferred to Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute (RRPFI).


Q: Do I need to have a specific kind of smartphone to use it?

A: Nope! RoundUp works with iOS, Android and on PC/desktop.


Q: Can I set a limit on my donation?

A: Yes! Once in the app, you can set a “ceiling” on your monthly amount!


Q: The app will have my credit card information, is it secure?

A: Yes! RoundUp partners with Stripe (a transaction processor used by the likes of Amazon, Wayfair, Google and more) to securely store your payment information. Neither RoundUp nor RRPFI have access to your payment information.


Q: Are my donations tax deductible?

A: Absolutely! You can view your giving history in the RoundUp app!


Q: Can I cancel my donations at any time?

A: Yes! You are in control!


Q: I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund?

A: Yes! RoundUp has extensive in-app support and will work with you to refund any donations you no longer wish to make.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Click the link here and start RoundingUp: