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Air Force One

A collection of books, clothing and other memorabilia that bear the official Air Force One insignia and pays tribute to the Boeing 707 aircraft that served Presidents from Nixon through George H.W. Bush—now on permanent display here at the Library.

First Lady

From books to jewelry to fun specialty items, this distinctive collection is inspired by the legacy of Nancy Reagan, one of the nation's most respected and stylish First Ladies. A wonderful selection of gift items for the most important women in your life.

Presidential Library Seal

To ensure lasting memories of your visit to the Library, the Museum Store has assembled a handsome collection of apparel, jewelry, glass- and ceramic-ware, and other gift items, all bearing the official seal of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Reagan Country

Turn any home or office into Reagan Country. Ronald Reagan's western roots are the inspiration for this fun collection of memorabilia—a fitting tribute to one of California's favorite sons.

Ronald Reagan Signature

We call this our "signature" collection because it includes our most popular Reagan memorabilia, books and gift items—any of which you'll be proud to own. Many feature the president's official signature or his favorite phrase "Trust but Verify," giving this collection a distinctively personal touch.

Vatican Splendors

View jewelry and religious items available from our store. We also have our Exhibit Catalog available as well as commemorative items.

Ronald Reagan Doodle

From cartoons for the Dixon High School Yearbook to illustrated love letters for Nancy, Ronald Reagan developed a lifelong love for doodling. Like his folksy stories, Ronald Reagan’s doodles—most of them cartoon renderings of himself as a bandana-wearing cowboy, a running back, or a rugged leading man—suggest warm associations with an idyllic American past. His clever repertoire included drawings of babies, horses and if so inspired, gooey hearts or terms of endearment when writing to his beloved wife.


The images represented here are part of the private collection preserved at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Titanic at the Reagan Library

A Historic collection of real artifacts from onboard the Titanic alongside items used in the underwater discovery of the famed ship. Dramatically set with props and costumes from 20th Century Fox's blockbuster movie, Titanic, it is a must-see collaboration of secrets, cinema, and artifacts!

Air Force One Mug

$12.95 $12.95