Centennial Campaign
Presidential Priority: Education and Endowing the Legacy

The Ronald Reagan Centennial Endowment Campaign
“The work ahead is not unlike the building of a great cathedral. It’s passed on with pride from generation to generation. It’s the work not only of leaders but of ordinary people. The results may be slow to see, but our children and their children will know the faith and dedication and love that produced them.”

— Ronald Reagan

In preparation for the centennial birth date of Ronald Wilson Reagan on February 6, 2011, the trustees of The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation inaugurated the official launch of the Centennial Endowment Campaign with the goal to raise $100 million in the next two years.

A gift to the Centennial Endowment Campaign gives an individual, family or corporation the chance to continue President Reagan’s message of freedom and opportunity. Through the Center for Public Affairs, the Annenberg Presidential Learning Center and the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum will inspire millions, including students and scholars from around the world to expand their interest in public service, effective communication and leadership based on the example of Ronald Reagan.

Gifts made to the Centennial Endowment Campaign are invested as principal, and from this investment, distributions are made annually to support programs, exhibits and events.

Endowment gifts may be given in a variety of ways, including gifts of cash or appreciated stock, real estate or planned gifts.

President Reagan’s modest hope was that his Library would bear witness to his enduring legacy of freedom and give us the resolve to stay the course. Today, it is Mrs. Reagan’s goal to fulfill his wish.

We invite you to join us and support this initiative.

For More Information

For more information, please call the Development Office at 805-522-2977, fax us at 805-520-9702, or email jros@reaganfoundation.org.

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
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