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February 12, 1987

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Diary Entry - 02/12/1987

Thursday, February 12, 1987

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Waiting to hear from Stu Spencer as to whether he’ll come back to Wash. for one of the open spots in the West Wing.

N.S.C.—was just a preface to the 11 A.M. N.S.P.G. meeting. Subject there was Middle East & need to get our search for peace back on track. Everyone on board. We need to erase any lingering doubts about us on the part of our Arab friends.

After lunch over to E.O.B. again—4th day in row. This time it was a little talk to 150 Jr. high students about Lincoln.

Then desk time til 4 P.M. when Bob Tuttle came by with another list of appointees. This was followed by “Admin time.”

I was made an honorary member of the Maxwell football club. Rcvd. a 50th anniversary of the Club medal.

Then it was a signing ceremony for Nat. Day of Thanksgiving. Actually it was a proclamation naming 1987 as the Nat. Yr. of Thanksgiving. A public signing with a number of people in attendance.

Then met with officials of Ducks Unlimited who presented me with a plaque, a book & a beautifully carved duck. This too was a 50th anniversary. Now they have 600,000 members & have preserved 4,000,000 acres of wetlands on the fly ways from Canada to Mexico.

Some S.S. photos—change of duty. John Barletta will now be permanently based in Calif. & will be able to be at the ranch with us.

Tonite the Eagles dinner—Nancy is home.

Dinner went well—remarks—were well rec’vd.