Remembering the Reagan Presidency

Reagan’s Fight for American Renewal, Revisited
By Joseph Loconte

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The Alliance

Jane Little delves into the relationship between Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and asks whether they collaborated to try to bring about the end of communism in Europe.

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Hear Frank Fahrenkopf,  Republican National Committee Chairman (1983-1987) recall the landslide victory of President Reagan’s re-election campaign!

“Ronald Reagan came at the right time.”  Watch Michael P. Balzano, Labor Liaison for President Reagan, recall the challenges President Reagan took on as president and how he defeated them!

The American Sound: The message and meaning of Ronald Reagan’s Second Inaugural Address By Matthew Continetti

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Ronald Reagan’s Great Gamble on the American People By David French

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“His optimism was contagious!” Watch Mary Jo Jacobi, special assistant to the President, recall President Reagan’s “contagious optimism.”

Watch our latest video commemorating the 40th anniversary of our 40th president: Ted Ellett, Chief Counsel at the Federal Aviation Administration, tells us about his experiences with the “deeply principled man of great character.”

In this 40 at 40, we spoke to Jill Kent, who was special assistant to President Reagan for Business Liaison. Ms. Kent talked about the things that made President Reagan such a valuable president in a time when America needed it most.

Our celebration of the 40th anniversary of the 40ths president continues –after all, our 40th president was in charge for 8 years!

In our latest former Reagan Associates interview, James Ziglar, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science, recalls President Reagan as a true effective leader whose vision of America was quite different than that of former President Jimmer Carter.

Watch this video (and more to come), as we hear from those who were there to experience first-hand this historic presidency and why President Reagan’s values and principles are just as important today.

Watch as Dr. Edwin Harper, former Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Assistant to the President for Policy Development in the Reagan Administration, remembers some of President Reagan’s qualities and shares stories from the Administration.

Watch as Colin Clark, a longtime family friend of the Reagans and 1980 Campaign Aide, remembers Nancy Reagan’s love of movies and how he informed Presidential candidate Reagan of the USA Olympic Men’s Hockey “Miracle on Ice” victory over the USSR in 1980.

Watch as Lisa Gable, Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel, discusses memorable moments from her years in the Reagan Administration, especially around the White House visits of leaders Gorbachev and Thatcher. Gable remembers how Reagan explained to a generation of Americans that we needed smaller government, lower taxes, and to win the Cold War. Working for President Reagan showed her that there is nothing we couldn’t do.

Watch as Dennis Patrick, Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, discusses President Reagan’s veto of the codification of the Fairness Doctrine. Patrick notes President Reagan’s strong belief in the First Amendment as the driving force for the veto. Also, Patrick urges all students to study President Reagan’s legacy and its impact on America.

Watch as Paul Russo, Ambassador to several island nations, commonwealths, and territories in the Caribbean, discusses the drama of the day President Reagan was shot, the character and optimism of the 40th President, and how Reagan reminded America that we are the shining city on the hill and led us to believe in our country again.