Ronald Reagan Student Leader Awards

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation offers high school administrators a way to recognize outstanding high school students whose leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship skills are emblematic of our nation's 40th President. School administrators who register their high school for the Ronald Reagan Student Leader Award program will receive a packet that includes:

  • 4 Ronald Reagan Commemorative Coins, to be awarded to outstanding student leaders
  • 4 Certificates of Achievement
  • A Ronald Reagan poster (limited quantity available)
This year we have made a few changes to the registration process for the award. We will have two periods of registration: one in September and one in February. In years past, we have had only one registration period in September that closed early in the Spring semester.

The first Registration period will open in September and close in December. The second Registration period will open in February and close at the end of April.  Upon closure, we will send out a package of coins and certificates to all of the registered schools. The packages for the first Registration period will be shipped out in December and the packages for the second Registration period will be shipped out in May. We encourage those who register in the Fall to have their students use this award on their college applications. In the Spring, we encourage all recipients to be presented at a culminating end-of-the-year awards ceremony. For more information about what types of students should receive the Ronald Reagan Student Leader Award, click here.

Registration for 2015 is closed. We will reopen registration in February of 2016.

Ronald Reagan Student Leader Award