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The Center for Peace Through Strength (CPTS) promotes U.S. national security policy grounded in President Reagan's philosophy that a strong American military is the best deterrent against aggression and safeguard for peace.

Task Force on Manufacturing Competitiveness

The Task Force on National Security and U.S. Manufacturing Base Competitiveness will explore the impact of recent economic developments on the strength of the industrial sectors relevant to American national security.

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Reagan NATIONAL defense SURVEY

The Reagan National Defense Survey is a public opinion poll that assists elected officials, policymakers, and key stakeholders with understanding how Americans view a wide array of defense, foreign policy, and national security matters.

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The Reagan Institute Task Force on Technology and Workforce builds on policy conversations at the Reagan National Defense Forum by convening prominent thought leaders, public officials, and industry executives to produce a report with recommendations to ensure the United States develops and sustains the national security technology and workforce required to promote America's defense and prosperity.

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Strategic Choices Exercise

The Ronald Reagan Institute and the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) released a report titled, “America’s Strategic Choices: Defense Spending in a Post-COVID-19 World.” The report summarizes the findings of two Strategic Choices Exercises the organizations hosted in October 2020, convening a bipartisan group of senior defense and budget experts, current and former policy makers, and industry leaders.

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Peace Through Strength Boot Camp

The Peace Through Strength Boot Camp will be an intensive four-day program run in partnership between the Alexander Hamilton Society and the Ronald Reagan Institute in Washington D.C. The program aims to educate ~20 advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates about the vocabulary, theory, practice, and organization of U.S. defense policy.

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RNDF is a bipartisan annual event held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Key stakeholders come together to address the health of our national defense and to promote policies to strengthen the U.S. military.

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The Ronald Reagan Peace Through Strength Award honors those individuals whose courage and leadership in support of our nation’s armed forces, here and abroad, have contributed to the security of the American people and to the advancement of freedom.

Past Award Recipients