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Lecture and Book Signing with Peter Hannaford
Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Lecture with Peter Hannaford on his latest book, Presidential Retreats: Where the Presidents Went and Why They Went There. From George Washington to Barack Obama, each of our presidents has sought solace from the tightly structured daily routines of the White House. As Ronald Reagan once said of his California ranch, “I do some of my best thinking there.” Peter Hannaford takes readers on a fascinating armchair vacation with each of our leaders, offering unique historical context for the why and the where of their chosen retreats. “Breezily written and enjoyable, this book opens up a different perspective on the presidency.” (Kirkus)

Peter Hannaford is president of Hannaford Enterprises, Inc., a public relations/public affairs consultancy he founded in 1998. Prior to that, he co-founded The Hannaford Company, which handled all aspects of Ronald Reagan’s scheduling, political liaison and editorial support during the five years between Ronald Reagan’s governorship in California and his election as President of the United States. Before that, Mr. Hannaford was Assistant to the Governor and Director of Public Affairs for Governor Reagan in Sacramento.