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NOTIFy me for 2022

We are looking for motivated individuals to work as part of a small team in a dynamic, professional setting while earning college credit as determined by the intern’s university. Your work will focus on facilitation and mentoring our high school level Student Leadership Program (SLP) participants as they learn the various skills needed to create lasting change in their communities. These students come from across the state and country to take part in the week-long leadership camp, and your role as interns is to provide a guiding influence for their projects, and be a peer who can relate to their questions. Each participant in the internship program embodies a passion for leadership and proficiency in communication skills.

Job Duties

In the newly revamped virtual program, interns take on duties that are integral to the success of our Student Leadership Program, a week-long leadership camp for high school students.

  • Provide mentorship to participants in our Student Leadership Program traditional day camp as well as overnight experience
  • Make new friends and expand your network
  • Further develop your passion for leadership and communication

General Requirements and Compensation

Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older and provide evidence of full-time enrollment at a two- or four-year college or university with a minimum of one semester completed on a campus (i.e., those graduating from high school with college credits this spring are ineligible).
  • Work approximately 25 hours per week (Monday-Friday) between June 14* and August 13
  • Submit and clear a background check as required by the Reagan Foundation
  • Maintain a professional appearance and correspondence
  • Be self-motivated and capable of independent work
  • Demonstrate experience in Zoom and Google Applications.

    *Start date flexible for students who apply from a quarter system-based school. 


  • $13.00/hour


Important 2021 Dates

  • April 11: Internship application deadline
  • April: Introductory Zoom Video Call with other interns with FAQs answered
  • April - May: Two additional training calls with essential material distribution to allow each individual to become comfortable with the material and start developing ideas
  • June 14-26: Mandatory staff training
  • June 28-July 2: SLP 101 Session 1 begins
  • July 5-9:  SLP 101 Session 2 begins
  • July 12-16: SLP 101 Session 3 begins
  • July 18-24: No SLP session but interns will work with larger Education team to facilitate the National Championship for the Great Communicator Debate Series; work on Saturday, July 24 is mandatory.
  • July 26-30: SLP 102 Session 1 begins
  • August 2-6: SLP 102 Session 2 begins
  • August 9-13: End of program debrief & potential additional session
  • August 13: End of internship

"The Student Leadership Program empowers its students to gain the confidence to achieve and make change at such a young age, and it allows for both students and mentors to capitalize off of the experiences of which we all share in order to more efficiently bring that change to our campuses and communities. As a professional facilitator, I was so impressed by this program, and it will be a summer that I never forget."

James Mismash
2018 Intern
2019 Intern Lead

"Interning at the Ronald Reagan Foundation offered such a unique opportunity to further myself as a student and as a leader, but more importantly I also had the opportunity to work with students of the SLP program. Seeing such brilliant, young minds be so civically engaged and willing to put in the necessary work to create change in their communities truly represents the values that the Foundation hopes to instill in their students."

Natalie Turiczek
2018 Intern

"The entire Reagan Foundation staff is so engaging, friendly, and supportive. I continue to implement the advice received from our weekly mentor meetings with the Foundation’s Board members. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this internship is that I am still engaged to this day, and they continue to support our endeavors and invite us back for more opportunities -- you become a family and part of something truly bigger than yourself."

Nouha Zaabab
2018 Intern