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Q: How do students apply to the program?
A: Students register online at

Q: Is there a group rate available?
Unfortunately, we are no longer offering a group rate for 2023.

Q: Are there scholarships or financial aid available?
A: Yes, every year we have a limited amount of scholarships we award. If you are in need of financial assistance, please contact the Student Leadership Program Coordinator at

Q: Can you accommodate students with special needs?
A: We can accommodate students with special needs; however, we encourage parents to note that on their registration forms and email or call our office at 805-577-4160 in order to ensure the best learning environment possible.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes. Students are required to dress “business casual” during the program, whether they are in-person or virtual. We define “business casual” as comfortable, professional clothing. They should “Dress for Success!”

Q: What if students have a prior commitment for one or more of the session days?
A: Students must attend all days of the program.

Q: The session I want to attend says “waitlisted” How does the waitlist work?
A: We have a limited amount of spaces in each session to ensure that we provide the best experience possible for each student. Once a session is full, students are given the opportunity to join a waitlist. Each year, there is a small number of students who may cancel prior to the start of their session. If a student cancels, we will offer a space to a waitlisted student. Once offered, students will have 24 hours to claim their space before it is offered to the next student in the waitlist. While there is the possibility of cancellations, we cannot guarantee a space will become available. It is not necessary to contact our office regarding your status on the waitlist. If a space becomes available, we will contact you immediately. We highly recommend that students enroll in an open session to secure their spot in the program.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: The $50 deposit is non-refundable. All cancellations must be submitted via email to the Student Leadership Program Coordinator at

If cancelled…


Before May 1, 2023

Full refund, minus deposit

Before June 1, 2023

Half refund, minus deposit

After June 1, 2023

No refund