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cade creason

$10000 Recipient
oak park High School
california polytechnic university, San Luis Obispo

Cade leads with intention and purpose. Driven by the compass of morals and faith, he student leads others at school, on the field, and in the local and global community. Cade holds some of the highest offices in student government, peer counseling, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, serving also as captain of the track and field, cross country, and soccer teams. Outside of school, this children’s ministry leader has participated in mission trips to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Uganda. An Eagle Scout, his culminating project drew upon his own challenges in living with cerebral palsy; he designed and built wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and a raised garden bed. This Oak Park High School student will attend California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

scott davidson, jr.

$6000 Recipient
moorpark high School
university of california, los angeles

Two philosophies drive Scott: the level-headedness of President Reagan, as well as a mantra to “change the world, don’t let the world change you,” from the his parents. President of Future Business Leaders of America and the National Honor Society, this exceptional scholar is ranked number one in a class of 439 students. Scott has participated in two programs here at the Reagan Foundation, our Student Leadership Program and our Leadership Summit. He is passionate about the medical field, founding the Medical Professionals of the Future club at his school, as well as participating in related programs and volunteer efforts at USC and UCLA. This Moorpark High School senior will attend the University of California, Los Angeles in the fall.

Sravya Gadepalli

$6000 Recipient
Oak Park High School
university of california, riverside

As it did for President Reagan, compassion and empathy drive leadership objectives for Sravya. An outstanding scholar, she was managing editor of the school newspaper, a member of the academic decathlon, president of advanced peer counseling, president of Health Occupations Students of America, and president of the American Heart Association club. As an intern for the Westminster and Simi Valley Free Clinics, Sravya’s eyes were opened to the burdens of the underprivileged in our community. Following the Woolsey fire, she initiated a GoFundMe campaign that yielded $125,000 for families affected by the devastation. From Oak Park High School, Sravya will study cognitive science at the University of California, Riverside in the fall. 

Humna ahmad

$4000 Recipient
royal High School
University of Southern California

Humna celebrates the opportunities that differences among us present and the strengths that all individuals bring to the table. She happens to bring a number of strengths, including academics, as an honor student and president of the math club; service, as outreach chair for the key club; and more, including a member of the dance team. Notably, Humna is student body president and has led efforts to support causes ranging from human trafficking, bullying, and suicide prevention to encourage reading and academic achievement. She serves as chair of the Simi Valley Youth Council. Graduate of Royal High School, Humna will study business administration at the University of Southern California next year.

carolina undurraga

$4000 Recipient
Rancho Campana High School
emory University

Carolina is an exceptional communicator who challenges us to contemplate the possibility of progress and prosperity. In applying this personally, she served as student government commissioner, captain of the volleyball team, and founder of the school’s Junior State of America program. As a first-generation American, Carolina founded the Hispanic Heritage Club. She is a consummate and award-winning servant – from Paws for a Cause to Kiwanis and from a congressional campaign volunteer to founding her own nonprofit, Advocates for Art, which fosters creative abilities among low-income children. This Rancho Campana senior will attend Emory University next year.

Katelin Zhou

$4000 Recipient
westlake High School
yale university

Katelin believes that we are all capable of affecting positive change – big or small. Observing the plights of others inspired her to advocate for the underserved and underprivileged. Taking the form of service initiatives, Katelin’s leadership extended to organizations like the Thousand Oaks Teen Center, Junior Blind of America, Support for the Kids, and Many Mansions, where she founded the successful Leaders in Action program. Rounding out this recipient’s commitments are Future Business Leaders of America, Junior State, speech and debate club, American Red Cross club, and our own Reagan Leadership Summit. With political aspirations of her own, this recipient will study public policy in college. From Westlake High School, Katelin will attend Yale University in the fall.

lauren hehr

$2500 Recipient
oaks christian School
loyola marymount university

Lauren desires to inspire others to be emboldened and courageous in pursuing a great vision, just as Ronald Reagan did. An honors student and golfer, she student specializes in identifying opportunities to lead and serve – whether it be following a humanitarian disaster or executing a large-scale event. Lauren is a yearbook committee member and vocalist. An alumnus of our Student Leadership Program, she has dedicated numerous hours to faith-based and missions service, in addition to being a hospital volunteer, which is her passion. After graduating from Oaks Christian School, she will attend Loyola Marymount University as a pre-med student.

alyson lucas

$2500 Recipient
adolfo camarillo high School
california state channel islands

Alyson is a resilient overcomer. Inspired by President Reagan’s optimism and tendency to move forward despite daunting challenges, this student has persevered in life, leadership, and service. A basketball player and president of the guitar and ukulele clubs, this recipient was co-founder of the DECA club and interned for the City of Camarillo and Studio Channel Islands Art Gallery. Some of her notable contributions have been securing approval and grant funding for a cafeteria mural and serving as a youth advocate for a city councilman candidate’s campaign. Congratulations to Adolfo Camarillo High School’s Alyson Lucas, who will attend California State Channel Islands in the fall.

blake zingerman

$2500 Recipient
thousand oaks High School
University of California, berkeley

In citing President Reagan’s vision for America, Blake is certainly not short on vision. Dedicating hours to lead and serve where the need is greatest, he rallied support for the recent wildfires. An exceptional student athlete, Blake is a star volleyball player, serving as an award-winning varsity player at school, a setter for a nationally ranked junior Olympics club team, and a member of various clubs – all while excelling as project lead for the prestigious Center for Advanced Studies. Perhaps a future entrepreneur, he is a Boy Scout and has worked for several years to support Boys Team Charity. From Thousand Oaks High School, Blake will study business administration at the University of California, Berkeley in the fall.

karina duffy

$2000 Recipient
adolfo camarillo High School
University of notre dame

Karina is by President Reagan’s humility: putting a cause first and yourself second. She does that over and over at school and in the community. Co-captain of the golf and volleyball teams, Karina also is a student government officer. She spends countless service hours as the president and co-founder of the Save Our Society Club and as a Son-Rise therapist aide for an autistic child. In an effort to listen to those around her, she created an Instagram account called @HumansofCamHigh, modeled after the famed @HumansofNY, to profile student perspectives. From Adolfo Camarillo High School, Karina plans to study neuroscience at the University of Notre Dame.

jacobi gunsalus

$2000 Recipient
trinity pacific christian School
university of california, los angeles

Jacobi is driven by the resolve and optimism exemplified by President Reagan. Nothing demonstrates this optimism better than her own achievements: award-winning pianist, president of the science club, mock trial attorney, and soccer and track and field star. Jacobi used these talents to serve the community, including as a youth worship team keyboardist, a family science night volunteer instructor, a youth soccer referee, and more. A firm believer in the power of empowering others and creating opportunities for those around her to flourish, she is also a graduate of our own Student Leadership Program. Graduate of Trinity Pacific Christian School, Jacobi is a future engineering major at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Joshua jiwanmall

$2000 Recipient
Royal High School
University of California, Berkeley

President Reagan was renowned for his charm, and Joshua is following in that vein. Many cite his magnetism and relatable leadership style as keys to success. Broad interests and talents have led Joshua to excel as co-president of the debate club, vice president of the national honor society, a vocalist, and more. Service is a centerpiece for Joshua, who serves as president of the Key Club. With volunteer activities that span numerous causes, perhaps his most impactful service role is that of the Reading Buddies coordinator for the Simi Valley Family Resource Center. From Royal High School, Joshua will attend the University of California, Berkeley in the fall.

kaylie pendleton

$2000 Recipient
el camino High School
pacific northwest college of art

Holding fast to your beliefs is the character trait of President Reagan that most inspires Kaylie. Committed to faith-based activities and the arts, she has served as editor of the yearbook and school events photographer. A mission trip to Romania in 2016 ignited a passion for this work and subsequent leadership and service. She is an aerialist performer and a Girl Scout bronze award recipient. Adding to the impressiveness of these achievements, she is a cancer survivor, demonstrating tremendous resiliency for her young age. After graduating from El Camino High School, Kaylie will pursue a degree in illustration at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

congratulations to the class of 2019!