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2023 National Championship

Sahil Sood vs. Shrisha Raj

“Advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence pose a threat to independent thought.”

Sahil sood: $10,000 Scholarship
Shrisha Raj: $7,500 Scholarship

2022 National Championship

Patrick McDonald vs. Alex Lee

“The benefits of NATO intervention in Ukraine outweigh the risks.”

Patrick McDonald: $10,000 Scholarship
Alex Lee: $7,500 Scholarship

2021 National championship

Laurel Holley vs. Gabriel Frank-McPheter

The principle of “Peace Through Strength” is as valid today as it was during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency."

Laurel Holley: $5,000 Scholarship
Gabriel Frank-McPheter: $3,500 Scholarship

2020 National championship

Anwesha Mukherjee vs. Caleb Knox

On balance, the philosophy of police departments must shift to better protect civil rights."

Anwesha Mukherjee: $5,000 Scholarship
Caleb Knox: $3,500 Scholarship

2019 National championship

Aron Ravin vs. Ben Lux

“On balance, a livable minimum wage mandate would harm small businesses in the United States.”

Aron Ravin: $10,000 Scholarship
Ben Lux: $7,500 Scholarship

2018 National championship

John Michael Magloire vs. Michael Gormley

“On balance, the freedoms guaranteed to the press benefit American Democracy.”

John Michael Magliore: $10,000 Scholarship
Michael Gormley: $7,000 Scholarship

2017 National championship

John Michael Magliore vs. Shriyash Upadhyay

“Social media strengthens American democracy.”

John Michael Magliore: $10,000 Scholarship
Shriyash Upadhyay: $7,000 Scholarship

2016 National Championship

Katie Kleinle vs. Alex Zhao

“The benefits of the two party system outweigh the harms to the American public.”

Katie Kleinle: $10,000 Scholarship
Alex Zhao: $7,000 Scholarship

2015 National Championship

Barrett Young vs. Telyse Masaoay

“The national interest of the United States demands that defending freedom from threats of tyranny take precedence over the sovereignty of foreign nations.”

Barrett Young: $10,000 Scholarship
Telyse Masaoay: $7,500 Scholarship

2012 National Championship

Adam Revello vs. Nancy Fairbank

“Introducing a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Adam Revello: $10,000 Scholarship
Nancy Fairbank: $7,000 Scholarship