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The Reagan Leadership Center, formerly the Air Force One Discovery Center, is an immersive, educational experience designed to inspire the next generation of student leaders. The Reagan Leadership Center allows visitors to face the responsibilities and challenges of the Executive Branch, military, and press in this realistic, historical role-playing game.

What is Operation KAL 007?

Tensions are peaking during the midst of the Cold War. A new international crisis has just kicked off after the crash of a Korean commercial airplane, and there is suspicion of foul play by the Soviet Union. As the President enters into reelection year, players must navigate the moral and informational dilemma of making the best decision for reelection while keeping the American people out of harm’s way.

The Operation KAL 007 simulation centers on the downing of a Korean airliner 007 in September of 1983. Participants take on a variety of roles in this interactive experience, including advisors to the President, top level military officials, members of the press, correspondents, top secret security officials, and even the President!

The Reagan Leadership Center will open for spring 2024 on october 23.


The Reagan Leadership Center, formerly known as the Air Force One Discovery Center, on-site experience is now open for January - June 2024 reservations. We recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari for the best user experience. Internet Explorer does not work.

Book now to experience our REAGAN LEADERSHIP CENTER'S immersive

KAL 007 simulation


*Optional Museum tours are available for those who visit in-person for free. This does not include special exhibits. Call Visitor Services at 805-577-4066 for pricing and booking for special exhibits.




The simulation’s three separate rooms interact with one another via room interplay. Participants can send information and interact with one another in real-time, affecting the final outcome of the crisis at hand.

As the President reaches new decisions with each round, rooms are updated and can respond throughout the simulation.
The simulation’s numerous rounds of decision-making build gradually in tension and specifics, including escalating questions and sharing of more clandestine information.

This new gamification element makes Operation KAL 007 a unique and replayable experience that is fun and relevant for a range of ages. Because there are over 100 different possible endings to the simulation, every time and with every group, the outcome is different.

Simulation Outcome

Participants will improve their critical thinking and decision-making skills, as well as practice communication, collaboration and team building.

Oval Office

The President and cabinet member advisors must choose between diplomacy and military action on how to best respond to this international crisis, while ensuring the safety of the American people. Players must keep in mind election, international diplomacy, and world security. 

Press Room

Student teams consist of reporters who must collaborate with their editors to reach publication decisions as they receive information from sources around the world. Groups are posed with the dilemma of information sharing, deciding between credibility and profitability, while factoring in speed of delivery.

Military Command Decision Center

Using top secret documents to decode a collection of messages and information, participants work to collectively solve the mystery of what happened to Korean Airliner 007. Three teams of NSA, CIA, and FBI agents must share information and work together to uncover the truth in order to best inform the President on how to respond to this international crisis.


Are you a Title 1 school? Does your class need financial support or a bus to get to the Reagan Library? Apply for a scholarship! Scholarships are limited and we give them out on a first-come first-served basis.