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Communication Series: What is it?

I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated Great things.

-Ronald Reagan

Communication is more than just talking; it’s about listening to an audience’s needs and tailoring one’s mannerisms, behavior, and intended shared information to productively convey the message.

Great leadership starts with great communication.

  • This series is grounded in basic communication theory
  • Courses provide training on how to assess and connect with an audience
  • Students learn to create frameworks for persuasive speaking, using sound logic and appropriate emotion to achieve their public speaking goals
  • The development of President Reagan’s unique communication is used to illustrate the principles that students learn


Upon completion of this course, students will receive an exclusive Presidential Leadership Certification in Communications.

This certification will enhance college and scholarship applications, while empowering students to excel in other areas of life.


Exploring Great Communication

  • Asynchronous
  • Work at an individual pace
  • No instructor
  • Earn certificate/ badge
  • Intro to theory

Cost: FREE

Full Course Syllabus

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Developing Great Communication

  • Work with Reagan Academy’s team of experts
  • A cohort of awesome students from across the country
  • One 30-minute, one on one coaching session

Full Course Syllabus


Mastering Great Communication

  • Exclusive content from national leaders
  • Two 1-hour personalized coaching and instruction
  • Small cohorts
  • Interactive final project



Exploring Great Communication (Level 101)

Course 1: Students will establish a working understanding of, and hone, practical communication skills through

  • Building strong relationships, and learning to create opportunities through influence, leadership, and inspiration
  • Focusing on preparation, practice, and presentation of ideas
  • Learning how to develop ethos, logos, and pathos
  • Identify logical fallacies
  • Finding common values with an audience in order to leverage listening value
  • Recognizing the verbal and nonverbal elements of communication
  • Understanding types of audiences and how to influence a hostile crowd

In this course, students will develop a working knowledge of communication, and discover how to apply it to their own lives, whether that be the classroom, workplace, relationships, or beyond.

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Developing Great Communication (Level 201)

Course 2: Students will learn what effective communication fully encompasses, through a more action-based course load, by

  • Learning how to be a good public speaker—creating and bolstering claims with supporting evidence
  • Understanding how to enlist an audience through logic and persuasion
  • Employing the motivated sequence and scientific argumentation methods to speech construction
  • Preparing and researching their topics, and making solid first impressions
  • Improving listening skills and creating concise answers for interviews
  • Strategically utilize and understand nonverbals such as nodding, smiling, eye direction, exiting, and follow up

In this course, students will discover and sharpen their own style of effectively communicating, while receiving feedback and coaching tips from our communication staff at Reagan.


Mastering Great Communication (Level 301)

Course 3: Students will fully master their communication efficacy through a highly personalized course, where the number of students allowed per pod will be limited for individualized attention. Students will master

  • Timing for content creation, delivery skills, interviewing, and independent work
  • Constructing passion projects that focus specifically on their personal goals. These can include, but are not limited to, job or college admission interviews, speech and debate, leadership, or business models
  • Receiving one-on-one advisement from our dedicated staff as students are guided through their chosen focus
  • Practicing leadership and teamwork by collaborating with other students in virtual learning pods
  • Creating and submitting work for live feedback. In these tailored sessions, students will practice project pitches, mock job interviews, scholarship applications, and other specific output projects
  • Contributing and connecting with other high-level students through additional live elements, including group lectures and discussion for various unit portions
  • Utilizing tools that will set them up for a successful future

Our qualified educational professionals have been trained to meet the highest standards of educational excellence. Not only have they developed these curricula with conscientiousness and expertise, but they will also facilitate the interactive, one-on-one, and live elements of the e-learning courses.