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Lecture and Book Signing with Sir Dermot Turing
Tuesday, January 12, 2016

6:00 p.m. Lecture
7:00 p.m. Book Signing

Lecture and book signing with Sir Dermot Turing, the nephew of Alan Turing, for his new book, Alan Turing Decoded: A Biography.

Alan Turing was widely regarded as the father of computer science as well as one of the premier code-breakers of World War II.  The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and based on Alan Turing’s life, won Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2015 Academy Awards.  Now, Sir Turing has written a new book to bring a new perspective on his uncle’s life, drawing on newly released secret documents, previously undiscovered letters, the family’s own archive, and interviews with Alan Turing’s friends and colleagues.  While at the Reagan Library, Sir Turing will discuss whether The Imitation Game is myth or reality.

Dermot Turing is  a graduate (MA) of Cambridge University, UK and (DPhil) of Oxford University, UK.  He is also a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales.

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Lecture and Book Signing with Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke
Monday, October 26, 2015

A lecture and book signing with Noted journalists Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke for their new book, Jack Kemp: The Bleeding-Heart Conservative Who Changed America(Release Date: September 29, 2015).

Jack Kemp approached politics the same way he played quarterback for the Bills: with a refusal to accept defeat. Yet he was also willing to compromise to get things done, and his commitment to the working class and minorities attracted voters who usually rejected the GOP. He was instrumental in helping Ronald Reagan create an era of sustained and widespread prosperity.

Drawing on never-published papers and the Kemp oral history project, noted journalists Morton Kondracke and Fred Barnes trace Kemp’s whole life, from his childhood through his pro football career to his unusually influential years as congressman and cabinet secretary. Despite many ups and downs, including failed presidential and vice presidential bids, Kemp proved that a “bleeding-heart conservative” could redefine what was possible in American politics.

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Lecture and Book Signing with Newt & Callista Gingrich
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lecture by politician and bestselling author Newt Gingrich, followed by a joint book signing with Callista Gingrich. Speaker Gingrich will be signing Duplicity and Callista Gingrich will be signing the latest book in her Ellis the Elephant series, Christmas in America.

In Duplicity (Publish Date: October 13, 2015), Speaker Gingrich has teamed with novelist Pete Earley to create a gripping thriller, to which Gingrich brings his unparalleled understanding of Washington’s corridors of power. In this ripped-from-the-headlines thriller, President Sally Allworth decides to reestablish America’s Mogadishu embassy in Somalia before Election Day, her challenger says she’s playing politics with American lives. That turns out to be true when the embassy is attacked and hostages are taken. Embassy station chief Gunter Connor and Marine Captain. Brooke Grant end up the unlikely survivors of this Benghazi-style attack. Suddenly, they are the only hope for saving their captured colleagues.

Ellis the Elephant is back, just in time for Christmas! In Christmas in America (Publish Date: October 12, 2015), the fifth in Callista Gingrich’s New York Times bestselling series, Ellis discovers the meaning of Christmas and learns how this special holiday has been celebrated throughout American history. In preceding books, including Sweet Land of Liberty, Land of the Pilgrims’ Pride, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and From Sea to Shining Sea, Ellis learns about the pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. Now, in Christmas in America, this adorable pachyderm explores the tales and traditions that have made Christmas a cherished part of the American experience. Authored by Callista Gingrich and illustrated by Susan Arciero, Christmas in America will delight readers who want to discover how the celebration of Christmas has prevailed and brought out the best in our nation.

Purchase your copies today:


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Lecture and Book Signing with Craig Shirley
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A lecture and book signing with Craig Shirley on his latest book, Last Act: The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan (Publish Date: October 13, 2015).

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are radically different today, mainly as a result of Ronald Reagan and the force of his ideas. Craig Shirley’s Last Act is the important final chapter in the life of President Reagan that no one has thus far covered. It’s the kind of book that widens our understanding of American history and of the presidency and the men who occupied it. Cast in a grand and compelling narrative style, Last Act contains interesting and heretofore untold anecdotes about President and Mrs. Reagan and how his shadow looms more and more over the Republican Party, Washington, the culture of America, and the world.

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Ann Romney: An Architects of Change Conversation with Maria Shriver
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An “Architects of Change Conversation,” moderated by Maria Shriver, featuring a discussion and book signing with Ann Romney for her memoir, In This Together: My Story (Release Date: September 27, 2015).

When Mitt and Ann Romney met in their late teens, a great American love story began. And their life together would be blessed: five healthy sons, financial security, and a home filled with joy. Despite the typical ups and downs, they had a storybook life.

Then, in 1998, Ann was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She couldn't believe it was real; there were no therapies or treatments to help her. Mitt told her that day that they would tackle the diagnosis as a team: They were in it together. "As long as it isn't fatal, we're fine. If you have to be in a wheelchair, I'll be right there to push it," he told her. And Ann thought, "But I'll be the one in the wheelchair." A caregiver and helper her whole life, she'd crossed a terrible invisible line. She wouldn't be able to care for her family anymore. She was the patient. Ann and Mitt would face the most frightening and humbling experience of their lives. In This Together is a brave and deeply honest portrait of a family facing an unexpected blow, often in the most public of circumstances.

Ann Romney, the former First Lady of Massachusetts and bestselling author, is the global ambassador of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Maria Shriver is the mother of four, award-winning journalist and producer, best-selling author and creator of Maria Shriver’s Wipe Out Alzheimer’s Challenge. Architects of Change is a regular conversation seriesproduced by Shriver Media.

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