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Thank you for your recent visit to the Discovery Center! Since we continuously aim to strengthen our program for all students, we created a survey so that you can provide us with feedback. If you would please take a few minutes to complete the survey it would be greatly appreciated!

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Post-visit Activities

Post visit activities help students retain and expand upon what they learned at the Discovery Center and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. Below you will find a series of follow-up lessons designed to help students extend their knowledge of President Reagan as a follow up to their visit to the Discovery Center:

Click here for the Debriefing File- An activity where students can evaluate their peers’ contributions and discover how their combined efforts made the Discovery Center mission a success. They will also recognize the importance of discussing personal opinions and making collaborative, informed decisions [click here for the printer-friendly version].

High School Lesson on President Reagan
Ronald Reagan Day Lesson

Middle School Lesson on President Reagan
Ronald Reagan Day Lesson

Upper Elementary Lesson on President Reagan
Ronald Reagan Day Lesson
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