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Reagan Forum and Book Signing with Rich Lowry

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Just a few weeks after the Reagan Library’s extraordinary exhibit opens on Abraham Lincoln, the Reagan Foundation was pleased to offer a Reagan Forum and book signing with National Review editor and New York Times bestselling author Rich Lowry on his new book, Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream – and How We Can Do it Again (publish date: June 11, 2013).

Lincoln Unbound is a thoughtful mix of history and politics which traces Abraham Lincoln’s ambitious climb from provincial upstart to political powerhouse. 

Revered across the political spectrum, President Lincoln believed in a small but active government in a nation defined by aspiration. He embraced the market and the amazing transportation and communications revolutions beginning to take hold. He helped give birth to the modern industrial economy.

Abraham Lincoln’s vision of an upwardly mobile society that rewards and supports individual striving was wondrously realized. Now, it is under threat. To meet these challenges, conservative columnist Rich Lowry draws us back to the lessons of Lincoln. It is imperative, he argues, to preserve a fluid economy that makes it possible for individuals to thrive and live the American dream.

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