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reagan library

"As my time in Washington draws to its close, I’ve had occasion to reflect on the astonishing journey I’ve been privileged to make from the banks of the Rock River to this glorious site overlooking the mighty Pacific. The journey has not just been my own. It seems I’ve been guided by a force much larger than myself, a force made up of ideas and beliefs about what this country is and what it could be. "
- Ronald Reagan, November 21, 1988

The Reagan Library rests on a majestic hill overlooking the breath-taking topography of Southern California.  The 100-acre campus, with picturesque views reaching out to the Pacific Ocean, lush gardens, and a serene setting, pays tribute to one of the nation’s most beloved leaders.

While at the Reagan Library, enjoy the fresh air as you stroll through the Library’s replicas of the White House’s Rose Garden and White House South Lawn.  Or come in the early evening and witness the spectacular sunsets from the Library’s hilltop, and see for yourself why President Reagan felt so at home on the Library’s grounds. 
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