Remarks on Signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

December 8, 1987

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The big news of [1987]…was the INF agreement. We signed it in the East Room of the White House. I believe this proves what progress can be made when we bargain from a position of strength and determination. I don’t think the agreement would have been possible without our defense buildup. I also don’t think it would have been possible before Gorbachev. He’s quite a fellow.

...But his trip here to sign the INF agreement was a big success. He’s not above trying to bamboozle you as he tried to do to us in Reykjavik by raising the SDI thing a the last moment, but I believe he is a reasonable man. He is, as Margaret Thatcher once said, a man we can do business with. And that is exactly what we did that day in December.

- Ronald Reagan -