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Lecture and Book Signing with Scott Berg
Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Lecture with Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner A. Scott Berg on his latest book, Wilson.

A. Scott Berg is the author of four previous biographies, each one a critically acclaimed New York Times bestseller. Each of his subjects has been an iconic American figure: legendary editor Maxwell Perkins, filmmaker Samuel Goldwyn, aviator Charles Lindbergh and actress Katharine Hepburn. And each portrait has been characterized by three essential qualities: the sweeping away of myth and legend to unveil a living, breathing human being behind the image; meticulous scholarship, aided by a remarkable ability to gain access to previously unavailable sources; and an elegant, fluent prose that propels the reader onward. Every one of these attributes is amply present in Berg’s new book, his first in more than ten years, a biography of the enormously important and influential but enigmatic and often mischaracterized twenty-eighth President of the United States, Wilson. (Publish Date: September 10, 2013).

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of documents in the Wilson Archives, Berg was the first biographer to gain access to two recently-discovered caches of papers belonging to those close to Wilson. From this material, Berg was able to add countless details--even several unknown events--that fill in missing pieces of Wilson’s character and cast new light on his entire life.